May 15, 2014

20140306_172408 (1)This is a little late in posting because I lost it in a Computer crash but it still seems relevant
Winter, I would like to point out how we often underestimate the adverse effects of a severely harsh winter. As I slipped my foot into my boot this morning I began to realize that, following the cold and snow, I would have a need to order a new pair of boots. They have been on my feet the majority of the five months we have experienced this winter season. Protecting my feet from the cold, wet, ice, and snow they have become cracked and worn. Not unlike all the other accessories that adorn, layer upon layer, to guard me from “Old Man Winter’s” bite. Hoodies, tees, hats, coats, long johns, those poor worn socks, and countless gloves have succumbed to the ravages of the war against the cold. The list goes on; we suffer with back aches from mountains of the white stuff that’s moved then moved again to make room for greater mountains whose peaks only obstruct our view, not seeing the on coming cars whose drivers, for their own safety, are concentrating solely on avoiding the craters we so fondly refer to as potholes.

The frost and thaw cycles repeatedly pulverizing the pavement cause almost irreparable damage to our front ends, tie rods, shocks, struts, springs, tires, rims, oil pans, exhaust system, transmission, even radiators are favorite targets of these menacing gremlins of the road. Hiding beneath the water, suddenly appearing from under the truck ahead of you, the road hazard can promote evasive action, sending the driver spiraling into a ditch or worse, creating new landscapes on the side of the road and hoods of our cars. These costly repairs for some don’t get the attention they deserve due to a lack of funds or somewhere in the great white tundra to facilitate the work. That is where “My Mechanics Place” comes in.

While the new company struggles to get on their feet, their intent is noble which is; to provide a place where you can bring your car to repair or maintain it, at a significant savings, by doing the work yourself. Many know their way around cars but some of us have a real fear of today’s technology. After you get through the covers and cowlings, the basic engine hasn’t changed. With an A.S.E. certified mechanic on staff to oversee and help from a computer repair data base, providing step by step instruction, even difficult tasks are made easy. So as the barrage of seasonal battles take a toll, we now have the ability to take matters into our own hands to defend what is ours.