Freedom isn’t free

July 7, 2014

freedom (1)Today’s freedoms seem to be under constant attack! Yet, the one truth that stands eternal is that liberties may be granted and taken but Freedom resides in the heart of those who choose to follow their own conscience. The beat of Freedom’s drum in the lives of the average man, woman, and child is made self evident by the purity of a child’s laugh as they create a world around them on the foundation of a vivid and unshackled imagination. While it may seem to have faded in our later years, consider the throng of Grand dads and Grandmas who apparently missed the memo that they should act grown up but instead carry on like children.(We look forward to our second childhood) So if the wisdom of the ages has taught us anything it is : Maturity is an illusion, and all are children acting grown up. So why not dream, why not embrace life’s possibilities, why not pursue your ability to express your true natural character. Here in lies the secret behind the man with his toys. The “Man Cave” is in it’s very concept a reach for that Freedom we strive to protect in our lives. On this 4th of July I’m filled with gratitude for all those who embrace in their hearts the purest form of Freedom and Liberty that call’s to action the defense of the same. Along with those who have laid their lives on the line to protect those principles to which we all enjoy and help spread the truth through out all the world. My Mechanics Place would like to help you to have greater freedom by providing the means to accomplish your automotive repair and maintenance as well as keeping your toy’s in tip top shape so you can continue to express your self in the character, be it all growed up or as that wonderful child within. May the holiday find with joy and friendship.